KLÜBER Summit RPA 68

Klüber Summit RPA 68 is a Synthetic compressor oil, particularly for highly loaded ammonia refrigeration plants


Benefits for your application


– Low maintenance costs due to extended oil change intervals and reduced oil consumption
– Easy compressor oil conversion due to neutral behaviour towards seals
– High efficiency of the refrigerating plant due to reduced oil deposits
– Low operating costs due to long service life of filters and oil separators
– Wide range of application with evaporating temperatures down to -53°C




Klüber Summit RPA 68 is a refrigeration compressor oil based on synthetic hydrocarbons which are compatible with seals. It
complies with the requirements set forth in DIN 51 503-1, KAA (08.97).

Klüber Summit RPA 68 is free from paraffin and offers good cold flow properties. It contains base oils of high chemical stability and shows a low tendency to evaporation. Klüber Summit RPA 68 is neutral to seals, particularly seals which have already been operated with naphthene-base mineral oils. The product is fully miscible with mineral oils.




Klüber Summit RPA 68 has been designed especially for the lubrication of highly loaded screw-type and reciprocating piston compressors which are operated with ammonia (R717) as refrigerant.

Klüber Summit RPA 68 is particularly suitable for compressors that were previously run with mineral oils. Unlike polyalphaolefins, Klüber Summit RPA 68 is neutral towards most neoprene seals used in refrigerating plants, therefore leakage is not to be expected.

Due to the synthetic base oil of Klüber Summit RPA 68, oil carryover into the refrigeration cycle is much lower than with conventional mineral oils, which helps to reduce oil consumption.

The viscosity of the oils remains consistent for a long time, due to the fact that only a few highly volatile fractions are contained in the oil. Oil changes due to the increase in viscosity can be extended considerably.

The base oil offers high chemical stability, particularly to ammonia, the typical blackening of conventional mineral oils or deposits in the refrigeration cycle are prevented and oil change intervals can be extended.

Our experience gained in practice has shown that Klüber Summit RPA 68 can be used for evaporating temperatures as  low as -53°C (where mineral oils no longer flow) depending on the operating conditions. Klüber Summit RPA 68 protects against wax-like deposits, thus increasing the efficiency of the refrigeration plant.


Application notes


Drain old oil from whole circuit of the refrigeration compressor while still warm. We recommend changing all oil filters and separators and draining the oil catches of the refrigeration cycle completely. Then recharge compressor with Klüber Summit RPA 68.


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