Klüber Summit LCG 68


Klüber Summit LCG 68 Is a synthetic compressor oil for acidic and reactive gases such as landfill and biogases.


Benefits for your application


– Especially for the lubrication of screw-type compressors for natural gas, treated and untreated biogas
– Effective corrosion protection of oil-wetted surfaces
– No residue formation caused by reaction with process gas
– Effective corrosion protection also with sour gas (hydrogen sulphide) or CO2 mixtures
– Resistant to hydrolysis
– Longer compressor life and more reliable performance



Klüber Summit LCG compressor oils are fully based on synthetic hydrocarbon and special additives. They protect compressors effectively against wear and corrosion, even with sour gases.



The Klüber Summit LCG series was developed for application in screw-type compressors working with natural gases or the reactive and corrosive gases encountered in biogas plants,  refineries, EOR processes or the chemical industry.

Klüber Summit LCG compressor oils do not contain sulphur or any other elements that might react with chlorine-containing components or acidic gases. They can also be used with gases containing chlorine where mineral oils, esters or polyglycols are not suitable for application.

Klüber Summit LCG compressor oils protect surfaces against the corrosive effects of acidic gases such as hydrogen sulphide or carbon dioxide.

To select the right viscosity, the composition of the gas flow and all other operating conditions have to be known in detail. Please consult your contact at Klüber Lubrication in this matter.

Application notes


Drain as much of the previously used compressor oil from the system as possible, making sure that the oil is drained while still warm. Do not forget to drain coolers, separator tanks and all lines. Afterwards clean or change the filter, then recharge withthe Klüber Summit LCG operational lubricant.

We recommend attaching a label indicating the type of lubricant used and the filling date to the filter or the cover.

Material compatibility


Klüber Summit LCG lubricants have been designed to be compatible with all materials resistant to mineral oils, such as BR, FPM, PTFE, acrylic and epoxy paints, nylon (polyamide) and PVC.


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