Klüber Summit DSL 100 XM


Klüber Summit DSL 100 XM Is a ester-based compressor lubricant. Klüber Summit DSL 100 XM is a Synthetic gas compressor lubricants.


Benefits for your application


– For process gas compressors, no negative impact on downstream metal catalysts
– Approved for UOP hydrogen compression process




Klüber Summit DSL-100 XM and Klüber Summit DSL-125 XM are ester-based compressor lubricants with special additives.

They do not contain any substances which have a negative impact on process catalysts.




Klüber Summit DSL-100 XM and Klüber Summit DSL-125 XM are designed for reciprocating and rotary vane compressors pumping process gases. These lubricants do not damage downstream catalysts because they do not contain critical additives such as zinc, phosphorus or sulphur. These products are UOP-approved for hydrogen compression and downstream catalytic processes.


Application notes


Drain as much of the previously used compressor oil from the system as possible, making sure that the oil is drained while still warm. Do not forget to drain coolers, separator tanks and all lines. Afterwards clean or change the filter, then recharge with the Klüber Summit DSL operational lubricant.

We recommend attaching a label indicating the type of lubricant used and the filling date to the filter or the cover.


Materials compatibility


Klüber Summit DSL-100 XM and Klüber Summit DSL-125 XM have been designed to be compatible with epoxy resin paints, oil-resistant alkyd resins, plastic materials such as nylon (polyamide, celcon [polyacetal]) and PTFE, as well as elastomers such as NBR (share of acrylonitrile > 30%) and FPM (Viton).

They should not be used with elastomers such as neoprene, NBR (share of acrylonitrile < 30%) and SPR, plastic materials such a PVC and ABS, or acrylic resin paints.


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