Klüber Structovis AHD


Klüber Structovis AHD is a mineral oil-based special lubricant


Benefits for your application


– Good wear protection
– Good corrosion protection
– Adhesive
– Noise dampening (depending on viscosity)
– Emergency lubricating properties (BHD MF)




STRUCTOVIS HD is a special lubricant series based on mineral oil and available in different viscosity grades. The STRUCTOVIS types AHD to EHD, BHD MF and BHD 75 S contain special adhesion improvers, the type BHD MF the solid lubricant MoS2 for improved emergency lubricating properties. STRUCTOVIS BHD 75 S contains a flammable solvent. All STRUCTOVIS HD types offer good wear and corrosion protection. The STRUCTOVIS types provided with an adhesion improver are extremely adhesive thus reducing considerably the risk of contamination due to oil leakage, especially at high chain speeds. The STRUCTOVIS types of higher viscosity (AHD to CHD) may also reduce noise of chains.


Note: The product data of STRUCTOVIS BHD Spray and STRUCTOVIS BHD 75 S refer to the solvent-free active agent.




STRUCTOVIS HD lubricants are used for driving, control and conveyor chains. STRUCTOVIS BHD and BHD 75 S have proven particularly effective for the initial lubrication of steel link chains by the chain manufacturer.


Application Notes


Depending on the viscosity STRUCTOVIS HD can be applied by drip-feed or automatic lubrication systems, oil feeders or brush. When using automatic systems please observe the maximum viscosity specified by the manufacturer. If STRUCTOVIS BHD is applied by the chain manufacturer we recommend an immersion bath temperature between 80 and 90 °C. The low-viscosity HD types (up to 460 mm²/s at 40 °C) and BHD 75 S (please also observe safety data sheet) can also be applied in a cold-bath process. The chain should remain in the bath until no more air bubbles rise to the surface.



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