Klüber Staburags NBU 30


Klüber Staburags NBU 30 is a lubricating grease with high resistance to ambient media


Your benefits at a glance


– Long component life due to good corrosion protection in humid and aggressive environment
– Good resistance to water, water vapour and many diluted alkaline and acidic solutions
– Good sealing characteristics with water, hot water, water vapour and aggressive media
– High wear protection in a wide range of mechano-dynamical loads and at high surface pressures
– NSF H2 registered


Your requirements – our solution


The industry imposes increasingly diverse and stringent requirements on lubricating greases. Many applications require greases offering good wear protection, high mechanodynamical stability and water resistance. For such requirements we developed STABURAGS NBU 30, a lubricating grease based on mineral oil and a barium complex soap. STABURAGS NBU 30 offers good wear and corrosion protection as well as resistance to water and many diluted alkaline and acidic solutions, thus extending relubrication intervals and reducing operating costs.




STABURAGS NBU 30 has been especially designed for use as sealing grease, for valves and fittings as well as for the lubrication of low-speed rolling and plain bearings subject to humidity, water vapour and aggressive media. Typical applications include bearings in conveyors (load rollers in wet areas), in textile machines for wet processing (festoon steamers, washing machines), and bearings of machines in the food-processing industry. STABURAGS NBU 30 is NSF H2 registered.


Application notes


STABURAGS NBU 30 can be applied by spatula, brush or lever grease guns. Friction points can be cleaned using commercial cleaning agents. We recommend having the pumpability of STABURAGS NBU 30 in automatic lubrication systems checked by the manufacturer of the installation. In general, plastics and elastomers which are resistant to mineral oil or mineral oil-based greases are compatible with STABURAGS NBU 30. Owing to the many different compositions of elastomers and plastics, we recommend checking their compatibility prior to series application. If you wish to optimise the service life of your equipment or have any other questions regarding your application, our experts will be pleased to help you. We look forward to hearing from you.



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