Klüber Staburags NBU 12 MF


Klüber Staburags NBU 12 MF Is a high-performance lubricating greases for the long-term lubrication of rolling and plain bearings


Benefits for your application


– Good pressure resistance in bearings subject to high loads
– Long component life due to good wear protection
– Trouble-free operation due to good sealing and corrosion protection
– Less maintenance due to long-term lubrication
– Emergency lubricating properties for improved functionality in the case of starved lubrication




STABURAGS NBU 4 MF and STABURAGS NBU 12 MF are black lubricating greases based on mineral oil for rolling and plain bearings subject to high loads. The barium complex soap thickener ensures good adhesion of the grease to the lube point and thus good resistance to moisture and aggressive media. Both greases contain special solid lubricants based on MoS2, which improve emergency lubrication properties under high temperatures or loads.




STABURAGS NBU 4 MF has proven successful for the lubrication of high-speed rolling bearings in rolls, spindles, cam rollers and tensioning rollers. The grease is also used for bearings in compressors and deep drilling machines. STABURAGS NBU 12 MF is used for highly loaded bearings, e.g. joints, spline shafts, couplings as well as pumps and electric motors, for example in wood drying chambers. Both greases are also suitable for steel-on-steel material combinations in slideways and plain bearings.


Application notes


STABURAGS NBU 4 MF / 12 MF are applied by brush, spatula or grease gun. For application via central lubrication systems, pumpability should be checked with the manufacturer beforehand. The friction points can be cleaned with standard detergents.



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