Klüber Quietsch-Ex


Klüber Quietsch-Ex is a universal Fluid


Benefits for your application


– Prevents squeaking and sticking
– Good penetrating properties
– Protects against corrosion
– Loosens rust
– Protects against freezing
– Cleaning effect
– Facilitates saw and drill working




QUIETSCH EX removes squeaking and sticking of components. It can also be used as universal fluid outperforming ordinary lubricating oils.




  • For industry, workshops, automobiles, motorcycles.
  • Used as lubricating oil, for bearings, slideways, chains, locks and hinges. A thin film is sufficient to reduce friction and wear.
  • Used as penetrating oil, QUIETSCH EX penetrates well into cracks and even reaches friction points of difficult access.
  • Used as rust remover, QUIETSCH EX loosens rust on screws, hinges and bolts such that they can be undone without damage. The fluid spreads quickly and penetrates into the surfaces. Light rust will be loosened rapidly but heavy rust will require a wait.
  • Used as anticorrosion agent, QUIETSCH EX protects machinery, equipment, tools, vehicles etc. that are not used for a longer period of time (e.g. in winter time) reliably against corrosion.
  • Used as freezing protection, QUIETSCH EX prevents freezing of locks, cables, car doors, gates etc. at temperatures as low as –30°C (if applied on parts beforehand). Used as cleaning oil, for heavily contaminated machine elements, QUIETSCH EX penetrates into machine parts and removes dirt.
  • Used as cutting oil, QUIETSCH EX ensures clean cutting and precision drilling in synthetic materials and metal. A small quantity of this universal fluid on the saw or drill is sufficient to make the tool cut easier through the material. This facilitates work and extends the tool’s service life.


Application notes


Spray the spots to be treated shortly with QUIETSCH EX, apply it by brush or let it drip on.



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