Klüber Presspate SEM 95/800 T


Klüber Presspate SEM 95/800 T is a high-performance lubricants for cold forming of sheets and tubes


Benefits for your application


– Improves process stability, for example through reducing reject rates and reworking, due to its superior lubrication performance in cold forming processes.
– PRESSPATE SEM 95/800 T permits deep-drawing of thick and thin steel sheets to high degrees of deformation, tube drawing using a mandrel and bending of steel tubes for automotive exhaust systems, for example
– Compared to conventional liquid metal forming oils, tool service life can be increased, leading to reductions in tooling and setting up costs

– Components can easily be cleaned using conventional cleaning agents and processes




PRESSPATE SEM 95/800 T offers superior lubricating performance in the cold forming of thick or thin metal sheets and tubes. One of the advantages of this product is easier process start-up even under adverse ambient conditions and, thus, reduced reject rates during start-up and throughout normal production. Due to its excellent lubricating properties, PRESSPATE SEM 95/800 T paste can be applied in small quantities, thus permitting easy cleaning of the formed components using conventional aqueous cleaning agents, which can be used over an extended period of time until they are depleted and need to be disposed of and replaced.




PRESSPATE SEM 95/800 T is suitable for use in many areas of cold forming of thin and thick metal sheets or tubes, in particular for:


– Drawing and deep drawing,
– Bending and
– Hydroforming


in the processing of alloys of


– Steel, stainless steel, brass and
– Titanium.


In tube drawing, for sandwich lubrication, the mandrel can be coated additionally with a product such as UNIMOLY C 220.


Application notes


PRESSPATE SEM 95/800 T should be applied undiluted and at room temperature using conventional application methods, for example a sponge, brush, roller or spray nozzle, and be spread evenly either manually or automatically. Deep drawn components can be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath at a minimum of 60 °C for at least 30 seconds or with aqueous detergents, such as SurTec 143 for splash cleaning (for steel components preference should be given to SurTec 042) or SurTec 089 for immersion cleaning (www.SurTec.com). Protect against direct sunlight and temperatures above 30 °C.



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