Klüber Petamo GY 193


Klüber Petamo GY 193 is a tried-and-tested grease for the high-temperature and long-term lubrication of rolling bearings


Benefits for your application


– Long-standing field experience confirms the long-term lubricating effect of PETAMO GY 193 Operating costs are reduced
– Economical lubrication of rolling bearings in many applications
– Minimized risk in new applications
– Owing to its exceptional additives, PETAMO GY 193 prevents corrosion damage




PETAMO GY 193 is a synthetic high-temperature grease based on high-quality ester oils, polyurea thickener and special additives. The grease stands out for its excellent water resistance and corrosion protection  With an above average base oil viscosity of approx. 160 mm²/s at 40°C, PETAMO GY 193 is suitable for manifold applications in machine building.




Depending on the service temperature, PETAMO GY 193 can be used for lifetime lubrication or relubrication. Experience has shown that lifetime lubrication is possible with temperatures below 150°C, for example in electric motors, fans, carrier and guide rollers, chain wheels, sealed or capped rolling bearings. In relubricatable rolling bearings subject to very high temperatures the grease can be used up to 180°C (e.g. in driers).

PETAMO GY 193 should be selected primarily for lubrication of bearings with point contact loading, but can also be used for bearings with linear contact loading and a high share of sliding friction, e.g. cylindrical roller bearings or tapered roller bearings.


Application notes


PETAMO GY 193 can be applied by the common lubrication systems like spatula, grease gun or central lubrication systems*. *The product can normally be applied by means of centralised lubricating systems. Please note, however, that due to different system configurations and application conditions the pumpability of the product has to be confirmed for each individual application. We will be pleased to provide assistance in this matter.



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