Klüber Petamo GHY 443


Klüber Petamo GHY 443 is a long-term and high-temperature grease for rolling bearings subject to high loads


Benefits for your application


– Tried-and-tested grease for long-term lubrication, less maintenance and high reliability
– Good load-carrying capacity prevents wear, hence longer bearing life
– Excellent water resistance and corrosion protection prevent premature bearing failure and help to reduce maintenance costs
– Reduction in grease consumption and high resistance to oxidation and ageing due to the synthetic grease formulation




PETAMO GHY 443 and PETAMO GHY 441 (recommended for relubrication due to its softer consistency) are special lubricating greases based on ester oil and polyurea thickener. The greases have been especially designed for the lubrication of rolling and plain bearings subject to high loads and temperatures. Being an efficient alternative to mineral oil based products, PETAMO GHY 443 and PETAMO GHY 441 achieve a much longer service life and therefore help to reduce maintenance costs. Due to their high base oil viscosity and excellent thermal stability they are mainly used for large rolling bearings.




For the initial and relubrication of rolling and plain bearings subject to high temperatures in general machinery, electric motors, load rollers in conveyors, roller bearings and continuous wood panel presses, load rollers in continuous casting machines and many other applications.


Application notes


The greases can be applied by spatula, brush, grease gun or via centralized lubrication systems (PETAMO GHY 441). Prior to initial application please check compatibility with current greases and pre-clean bearings, where necessary.



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