Klüber Petamo GHY 133 N


Klüber Petamo GHY 133 N is a long-term and high-temperature grease for rolling bearings


Benefits for your application


– Reduced maintenance due to lifetime lubrication
– Wide service temperature range allows a variety of applications
– Reliable operation and long service life due to excellent protection against wear and corrosion, especially in water pump bearings and clutch release bearings




PETAMO GHY 133 N is a high-performance lubricating grease for rolling bearings subject to high temperatures. It has the following advantages:


– Resistance to high temperatures
– High resistance to oxidation
– Efficient wear protection even at high temperatures
– Good corrosion protection
– Good water resistance


The high performance level of PETAMO GHY 133 N is achieved by means of selected product constituents such as polyurea thickener, mineral oil, synthetic hydrocarbon oil and additives, as well as the production technology.




PETAMO GHY 133 N is suitable for long-term and lifetime lubrication in a variety of applications including:

– Rolling bearings in
– electric motors
– fan heaters
– drying installations
– textile machines
– paper machines
– Automotive components, e.g.
– belt tensioning rollers (rotating outer ring)
– couplings
– water pumps
– fans
– wheel bearings

In component tests PETAMO GHY 133 N achieves excellent results in terms of service life. In water pump bearings PETAMO GHY 133 N offers excellent compatibility with coolants containing glycol.


Application notes


PETAMO GHY 133 N can be applied by means of appropriate automatic or conventional lubrication systems in a clean working environment.



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