Klüber Molybkombin UMF Spray


Klüber Molybkombin UMF Spray is a high temperature synthetic oil based on molybdenum disulphide


Benefits for your application


– Long relubrication intervals for hard-to-reach lube points
– Improved running-in
– Protection against seizure and wear
– Non-destructive disassembly of screws or joining elements




MOLYBKOMBIN UMF Spray is a high-temperature oil for temperatures between –10 and 180°C. Above 180°C an efficient dry lubricating film forms after evaporation of the carrier oil.




MOLYBKOMBIN UMF Spray is used for highly loaded lubricating points such as chains, threaded spindles, bolts, screw connections and slideways, as well as for bearings subject to oscillation, high loads or surface pressure.


Application notes


  • Shake MOLYBKOMBIN UMF Spray well before use. Provide for adequate ventilation as explosive mixtures may form.
  • Do not spray on a naked flame or any incandescent material.
  • Please also refer to safety data sheet and can label.
  • MOLYBKOMBIN UMF Spray forms a soft, oil-like layer which becomes dry when exposed to high temperatures. Protect product against direct sunlight and temperatures above 50°C.



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