Klüber Mikrozella GTK 055


Klüber Mikrozella GTK 055 is a pasty oil reservoir for sintered metal sliding bearings


Your benefits at a glance


– Significantly extended lifetime of sintered metal plain bearings impregnated with silicone oil
– Clean, easy and fully automatic application
– No additional fixing of the oil depot required due to the product’s excellent adhesion
– Tried-and-tested in applications with a wide service temperature range


Your requirements – our solution


Would you like to increase the lifetime of sintered bearings? Do you need to ensure reliable lubrication across a wide service temperature range? MIKROZELLA GTK 055 is designed to meet these exact requirements. It is a silicone gel oil paste for the additional lubrication of sintered metal sliding bearings. The performance of sintered bearings lubricated with MIKROZELLA GTK 055 is considerably increased, especially if vacuumimpregnated with compatible silicone oils like UNISILKON TK
055 in advance.

MIKROZELLA GTK 055 gel is applied to the external surfaces of the porous sintered metal bearing. The capillary effect ensures that the bearing’s pores are continuously supplied with fresh lubricant, which considerably improves the lubricant supply to the component compared to the traditional oiled felt method. You can of course always contact our experts to discuss the details of your application.




MIKROZELLA GTK 055 is designed as a secondary lubricant depot for applications requiring the lowest running torque across a wide temperature range. The performance characteristics of MIKROZELLA GTK 055 are described by its good thermal stability and the low pour point of the base oil. The product is often used in fan bearings of baking ovens or hardening furnaces and in cooling aggregates.


Application Notes


MIKROZELLA GTK 055 is a depot lubricant compatible with all standard sintered metal bearing materials. We recommend verifying the performance characteristics of MIKROZELLA GTK 055 in combination with the selected lubricant in a component test prior to series application. The optimum metering rates depend on component design, operating conditions and performance requirements. MIKROZELLA GTK 055 is ready to use. Low-cost application with fully automatic standard (micro) metering systems is possible. In contrast to felt depots or other systems, our lubricant does not have to be fixed to the component. Please note, however, that due to different system configurations and application conditions the pumpability of the product has to be confirmed. We will be glad to support you with applicationspecific advice.



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