Klüber Mikrozella GDB 2-68


Klüber Mikrozella GDB 2-68 is a plastic oil reservoir system for additional lubrication


Your requirements – our solution


MIKROZELLA GDB 2 oils are synthetic lubricants based on ester oil and synthetic hydrocarbons. In numerous applications, they can significantly extend component lifetimes. MIKROZELLA may therefore be used as a depot lubricant for the lifetime lubrication of sintered-metal plain bearings impregnated with oil or fluid. The products can be combined in the following ways with lifetime-extending results:


Product combination


MIKROZELLA GDB 2-32: Klübersynth DB 2-32
MIKROZELLA GDB 2-68: Klübersynth DB 2-68, Klüberfluid DHL 2-2100




MIKROZELLA products were developed for the additional lubrication of sintered-metal plain bearings in precision engineering, automotive engineering, electrical and household engineering.


Application notes


The ready-to-use MIKROZELLA product types containing a base oil with a corresponding viscosity can be applied to the outer surface of the bearing by means of conventional, fully automatic metering systems. A pretreatment such as stirring or the addition of fresh oil is not required. The product is applied to the outside of the sintered-metal plain bearing, thus helping to stabilize the bearing during assembly. Prior to series application, we recommend checking the effectiveness of the metering system under real-life conditions.



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