Klüber Metalstar KS 210


Klüber Metalstar KS 210 is a casting release agent for rising pipes and other applications


Benefits for your application


– good deaeration
– longer rising pipe life
– ready for use
– varied range of possible applications in casting operations




Light-metal castings are used in many everyday products. As a manufacturer of such components you attach utmost importance to the quality and precision of your castings. This is where METALSTAR KS 210 can provide optimum support: it shows good chemical and thermal resistance to fluid aluminium and therefore reliably prevents it from sticking to the surfaces. This enables constant filling rates and a good surface finish while extending the service life of the rising pipe.




METALSTAR KS 210 is not water-miscible and was developed as a release agent for low-pressure casting dies, especially for the rising pipe.

Further tried-and-tested fields of application are:

– casting ladles used to scoop off impurities from the surface of the molten bath
– thermoelectric elements in the furnace
– furnace scoops or scrapers


Application notes


METALSTAR KS 210 is supplied ready-for-use and applied by brush in a thin yet uninterrupted layer. Ideally, the product is applied at elevated temperature (approx. 220 °C) to enable more rapid heat-setting of the dressing. Relubrication is to be performed as required.



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