Klüber Klübertop TP 46-111


Klüber Kontasynth BA 100 Spray is a a thermosetting, water-miscible, thermo-setting PTFE-based black bonded coating for low to medium loads


Benefits for your application


– Clean and dry surface with lubricating effect
– lifetime resistance to wear when subjected to low to medium loads, lubricant firmly incorporated
– no contamination by fluid lubricant
– no “sticking“ during automated assembly
– Lower costs and less space needed for processing
– Klübertop TP 46-111 is water-miscible, no VOC filter systems needed
– cost-efficient mass coating and coating of small parts possible owing to the thermosetting system
– Higher component performance
– low friction coefficient
– prevents stick-slip
– delayed tribocorrosion
– excellent corrosion protection on phosphated substrate
– good chemical resistance




Klübertop TP 46-111 is a thermosetting, black bonded coating based on polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and an organic, waterdilutable binder. Klübertop TP 46-111 is a ready-to-use fluid containing water as a solvent. Once applied, this bonded coating dries rapidly, once hardened it ensures good resistance to wear and chemicals, a low friction coefficient, no stick-slip at low speeds and excellent corrosion protection on phosphated surfaces. Its resistance to oils and greases is good. Adhesion to metals and various plastics is good.




Klübertop TP 46-111 reduces friction and wear in metal/metal or metal/plastic sliding contacts. Klübertop TP 46-111 is also suitable for the cost-effective coating of small mass-produced parts such as straight pins, studs, safety belt components and similarly shaped items. It can also be applied in components used in electrical engineering, precision engineering and textile machinery such as slideways, springs, etc. which are subject to low or medium mechanical loads, and where contamination by oil or grease should be avoided. Owing to its very good resistance to oil and chemicals, Klübertop TP 46-111 can be used in the presence of aggressive ambient media. product by immersion, use plastic or stainless steel containers. The recommended film thickness for tribological applications is between 7 and 20 µm. While Klübertop TP 46-111 is supplied as a ready-to-use product, its viscosity may have to be adjusted to suit the particular component or application. For this purpose as well as for cleaning tools, deionized water or tap water may be used. Klübertop TP 46-111 is ready to handle after approx. 30 minutes at approx. 25°C. The hardening time is 15 minutes at a component temperature of 180°C.


Application notes


Stir or shake well before use. The product should be filtered after stirring, e.g. using a nylon filter with a pore size of 125-150 μm. Klübertop TP 46-111 can be applied by immersion, dip/spin coating, spraying or by brush. Information on other types of application are provided upon request. The surfaces to be coated must be cleaned and degreased and be completely free from oil, grease, water, corrosion and scale. Roughening of the surface by means of sand blasting is recommended to increase adhesion. Chemical pretreatment such as phosphatizing (zinc or manganese) may also lead to very good adhesion, which is especially important in cases where increased anticorrosive properties are called for. When applying Klübertop TP 46-111 by spraying, use a spray gun.


Other application conditions


Feed pressure: 2 bar
Spraying distance: approx. 20 cm
Spray nozzle diameter: 0.8 mm

Make sure that only compressed air is used which is free from oil and water. When spraying by hand, it is recommended to apply the product in a zig-zag pattern. When spraying systems are used, an agitator should be installed in the container to prevent the solid particles from settling. When applying the  Protect product from frost and direct heat; do not store above 30 °C .



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