Klüber Klübertop TP 42 N A/B Komp. A


Klüber Klübertop TP 42 N A/B Komp. A is a two-component bonded coating for metal components.


Benefits for your application


– Good component performance achieved
– through very good wear resistance
– through very good chemical resistance
– through delayed tribo-corrosion
– for a wide service temperature
– particularly when applied in a double layer system together with Klübertop TP N 41 A-B
– as layers of a thickness of up to 40 μm can be applied
– Lubricated clean and dry surfaces
– no contamination or lubricant loss
– no adhesive bonding effect of lubricated components




Klübertop TP 42 N A-B is a thermosetting, two-component, black-coloured bonded coating. It has an organic binder containing PTFE-free wear protection additives. Klübertop TP 42 N A-B reduces friction and wear in metal/metal combinations. It has a particularly high level of wear resistance and a relatively high friction coefficient for a bonded coating. For this reason, the combination of Klübertop TP 42 N A-B as a base coat and Klübertop TP 41 N or Klübertop TP 39 N A-B as a surface layer lead to particularly high component performance. The two components have been de-signed for “wet-on-wet” spray application, which means that the second layer can be applied before the first one has dried. This bonded coating can be used for high mechano-dynamic loads as well as with high temperatures. Klübertop TP 42 N A-B excels due to its excellent high wear resistance plus good adhesion on steel and aluminium surfaces. The bonded coating is liquid and delivered in a ready-to-use viscosity. It contains an inflammable solvent mixture (former hazard category A II) which evaporates during curing. Once applied and hardened the bonded coating forms a dry lubricating layer which is active across a wide service temperature range. It shows very good chemical resistance and good corrosion protection. in order to avoid a drop in viscosity (reversible), which would increase the tendency of the bonded coating to drip off the component. After mixing, pass the mixture through a poly-ethylene filter with approx. 150 µm pore size. The mixing container should always be covered with a lid to
avoid evaporation and contamination. The mixture of components A and B can be processed for approx. 24 h provided the ambient temperature is not much above 25 °C (pot life). As the bonded coating shows thixotropic properties, it should be stirred after standing > 12 hours in order to re-establish its original viscosity (5 minutes at approx. 500 rpm is sufficient). Any tubes in contact with the mixture must be made of polyethylene or PTFE. The mixture is applied to the component by means of spraying. The recommended layer thickness for tribological loads is 5 to 25 µm (dried coating). For special applications, layers up to 40 µm thickness may be applied. We recommend a stirrer be installed in the spray container and circulating mixture feed to prevent the solid lubricants from settling in the mixture. Please ensure that the relative atmospheric humidity is fairly low (max. 60 %) during application processes (coating and deaeriation). If atmospheric humidity is too high, water will be absorbed into the wet applied film (product is hygroscopic).This may impair the lubricating film’s performance, especially if the coating is applied wet-on-wet. To clean the spray equipment and dilute the bonded coating, the Klüber solvent and cleaning agent SOLUTIN C 6 (Art. No. 058037) may be used. Opened containers of both components should be closed again immediately after use




Klübertop TP 42 N A-B can be used as a dry lubricant on components where fluid or pasty lubricants cannot be used and wherever high wear resistance is required. Typical applications are found, for example, in the automotive industry or in electrical and precision engineering. Owing to its good media resistance and high wear resistance, the bonded coating is particularly suitable as a base coating in combination with oil or grease lubrication for dynamic loading.


Application notes


Klübertop TP 42 N A-B consists of:


Component A (Art. No. 099203) and component B. Klübertop TH 06 component B (Art. No. 099200) is used as component B. Component B is mixed with component A at a 5 wt. % to 95 wt. % ratio.

Example: 50 g of component B with 950 g of component A. Prior to mixing the components, stir component A to remove any bottom deposits. Use a slow-moving stirrer (500 to 800 rpm, stir for at least 15 min) or a high-speed jet stream stirrer, e.g. made by Ystral, drive x 40/36, shaft LDT-1, mixing generator Ø 65 mm (approx. 10 000 rpm, stir for 5 min). During stirring, add component B. The mixture should be homogenised either by the above-mentioned slow-moving stirrer for 15 min, or by the high-speed jet stream stirrer for 5
min. If the high-speed stirrer is used, make sure the temperature of the mixture does not significantly exceed 30 °C



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