Klüber Klübertop TP 37-1310 A/B P Komp. A


Klüber Klübertop TP 37-1310 A/B P Komp. A is a water-miscible two-component structural bonded coating for highly stressed profiled seals in motor vehicles


Benefits for your application


– High wear resistance, excellent stick-slip and noise reduction behaviour
– due to structural surface with embedded hard particles
– Less costs and time needed to prepare application because
– no filter systems needed due to low VOC content
– application onto hot seals up to 180°C possible; no intermediate cooling required
– quick drying allows high production speeds
– no plasma pretreatment necessary due to integrated adhesion additives
– Quick quality control of the coating after the application by integrated UV indicator stimulated at 300-400 nm




Klübertop TP 37-1310 A/B P is an air-drying, water-miscible two-component bonded coatings with an excellent friction and wear behaviour. Klübertop TP 37-1310 A/B P offers excellent adhesion on all kinds of elastomer types such as EPDM, TPE, FPM, PUR etc. As the product contains an adhesion additive, some elastomer surfaces no longer require pretreatment (e.g. by primer or plasma). Owing to the many different elastomer types and formulations we recommend carrying out preliminary tests on the original component.




Klübertop TP 37-1310 A/B P is particularly suitable as an alternative to flock and as a coating for seals with critical noise behavior, e.g. window guides, window weatherstrips, door joints, sunroof seals and folding top seals.


Application parameters



Spray gun: compressed air or HVLP.
Nozzle diameter: 1.0 – 1.2 mm
Feed pressure: 2-4 bar

Ensure the compressed air is free from oil or water.

Other application methods: brush

The bonded coating is suitable for online and offline coating of profiled seals. During online processing it is also possible to apply the product to seals with a temperature up to 180°C. The recommended layer thickness for tribological applications is approx. 20.


Application notes


Application method: Injection

Klübertop TP 37-1310 A/B P is a two-component system! A
mixing ratio of A:B = 10:1 by weight is MANDATORY. As component B (hardener) use Klübertop TH 01 component B.
– Stir component A well before use – if possible with an electric agitator at low speed.
– Add component A to component B.


Parameters/ dimensions of dispersion disc

– Peripheral speed of dispersion disc: min. 1 m/s, max. 25 m/ s (recommended range 18 – 25 m/s)
– Diameter of vessel: 2 to 3 times the diameter of the dispersion disc
– Position of dispersion disc: in the lower third of the vessel


IMPORTANT: Immediately after adding the hardener component B, start mixing components A and B.

– After mixing the two components we recommend filtering the product , e.g. using a nylon filter with a mesh size of 200 µm.The product is then ready for use.
– If the application requires the viscosity to be modified, use deionized water.
– Cover the storage vessel containing the mixed product with a lid in order to prevent the formation of a solid top layer caused by air drafts.
– The maximum processing time (pot time) of the mixture is 8 hours. After this period we recommend removing any residues from the spraying equipment, feed lines and storage container before filling it with fresh material.

– Clean the spraying equipment, storage container, etc. with tap water (see also “Special notes”).
– Open packs should be closed again immediately after use.



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