Klüber Klübertop TP 22-1310 A/B Komp. A


Klüber Klübertop TP 22-1310 A/B Komp. A is a water-miscible, black two-component bonded coating for automotive body seals


Benefits for your application


– Tried and tested universal product range
– Good noise reduction behaviour
– Inclusion of solid lubricants provides excellent friction reducing effect particularly in contact with glass.
– The Klübertop solution is geared to your method of seal processing
– one product concept, but several solid lubricant variants available
– Less costs, time and space needed to complete application because
– no filter systems need to be installed due to low VOC content
– no intermediate cooling required; can be applied onto the hot seals up to 180°C
– quick drying allowing high production speeds
– Quick quality inspection of the coating after application by integrated UV indicator (visible at 300 – 400 nm)




Klübertop TP 22, 27 and 31-1310 A/B are air-hardening, black two-component bonded coatings with varying solid matter content plus an organic, water-miscible binding agent. The products offer good adhesion to e.g. EPDM, TPE, FPM, PUR.




Klübertop TP 22-1310 A/B products have been developed especially for reducing friction, wear and noise in automotive body seals in contact with glass, e.g.


– Window channel seals
– Window weatherstrips


Other applications are:


– Door seals
– Sunroof seals
– Folding top seals
– Front and rear window seals


Recommended application methods

Klübertop TP 22-1310 A/B: Online application, injection
Klübertop TP 27-1310 A/B: Offline application, injection
Klübertop TP 31-1310 A/B: Online/ offline, brush


Application notes


Recommended injection of Klübertop TP 22 and 27-1310 A/B:

Feed pressure: approx. 2 bar
Nozzle diameter: 0.5 mm to 0.8 mm


If, as might be the case, improved adhesion is required, we recommend using our primer Klüberplus G 02-104 or plasma treatment. Ensure that only oil- and water-free compressed air is used. The recommended coating thickness for tribological applications is approx. 5 to 10 µm. Processing instructions for Klübertop TP 22, 27, 31-1310 A/ B

Application method: Injection (Information on other application methods are available on request) Klübertop TP 22, 27, and 31-1310 A/B are two-component systems!
As hardener use Klübertop TH 01 component B. Please follow these instructions when processing the bonded coatings:


– Stir component A well before use – if possible with an electric agitator.
– Place component A on a balance and add component B. IMPORTANT! Observe the specified mixing ratio!


Parameters / dimensions of dispersion disc


– Peripheral speed of dispersion disc: min. 1 m/s, max. 25 m/ s (recommended range 18 – 25 m/s)
– Diameter of vessel: 2 to 3 times the diameter of the dispersion disc
– Position of dispersion disc: in the lower third of the vessel


IMPORTANT: Immediately after adding the hardener component B, start mixing components A and B.
– Mix both components for approx. 5 to 10 min. by means of an electric agitator.



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