Klüber Klübertop TP 15-810


Klüber Klübertop TP 15-810 is a water-miscible, black air-drying bonded coating offering lifetime wear protection


Benefits for your application


– Clean, dry wear protection
– lifetime wear protection firmly ‘rooted’ in the surface
– no contamination by fluid lubricant
– no sticking during automated assembly
– Lower costs and less space required during processing
– Klübertop TP 15-810 is water-miscible and requires no VOC filter system
– cost-efficient mass coating of small parts
– fast air-drying – no heat setting required
– Higher component performance
– very low friction coefficient
– no stick-slip
– delayed tribocorrosion
– good corrosion protection on phosphatized substrates




Klübertop TP 15-810 is a black air-drying bonded coating based on polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and an organic watermiscible binder. Klübertop TP 15-810 is a fluid, ready-to-use and non-flammable product. Once applied and hardened, this bonded coating dries rapidly and ensures good resistance to wear and chemicals, a low friction coefficient, no stick-slip at low speeds and good corrosion protection on phosphated surfaces. Its resistance to oils and greases is good. Adhesion to metals and various plastics is good. Owing to its composition, and due to the fact that heat setting is not required, Klübertop TP 15-810 is particularly suitable for the coating of synthetic materials such as ABS, PC, PVC, PU, PA, PS.




Klübertop TP 15-810 is especially suitable for applications requiring a highly adhesive and quick-drying bonded coating in applications where heat setting is not possible (also on difficult surfaces such as the plastic materials listed above). Klübertop TP 15-810 reduces friction and wear in metal/metal, metal/plastic or plastic/plastic sliding contacts. Klübertop TP 15-810 is also suitable for the cost-effective coating of small mass-produced parts such as straight pins, studs, safety belt components and similarly shaped items. It can also be applied in components used in electrical engineering, precision engineering and textile machinery such as slideways, springs, armatures, etc. which are subject to low or medium  mechanical loads, and where contamination by oil or grease should be avoided. Some tests on mechano-dynamical test rigs have even shown that this air-drying and water-miscible product has a longer service life and higher resistance to wear than some thermosetting bonded coatings. Klübertop TP 15-810 is also suitable for components performing an oscillating motion.


Application notes


Stir well before use. The product should be filtered after stirring, e.g. using a nylon filter with a pore size of 125-150 μm. Klübertop TP 15-810 can be applied by immersion, spraying or by brush. Information on other types of application (e.g. masscoating) are provided upon request. The surfaces to be coated must be cleaned/ degreased and be completely free from oil, grease, water, corrosion and scale. When applying Klübertop TP 15-810 by spraying, use a lacquer spray gun.


Further application conditions:


– Feed pressure: 2 bar
– Spraying distance: approx. 20 cm
– Spray nozzle diameter: 1.2 mm or 0.8 mm


Ensure that only compressed air is used which is free from oil and water.



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