Klüber Klübertop TM 06-111


Klüber Klübertop TM 06-111 is a thermosetting bonded coating for high loads and good corrosion protection


Benefits for your application


– Cost savings due to wear and corrosion protection also under high loads
– long component life due to good surface smoothening at high loads
– highly resistant at high loads in combination with corrosive influences
– low friction coefficients at high loads
– Clean and dry surfaces with lubricating effect
– no contamination by fluid lubricant
– no sticking of lubricated components during automated assembly
– lubricant firmly incorporated, no risk of lubrication starvation in the friction point




Klübertop TM 06-111 is a thermosetting, grey-black bonded coating based on molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) and an organic binding agent. Klübertop TM 06-111 is a fluid, ready-touse product containing a flammable mixture of solvents (previously VbF AII group).


Once applied and hardened, the coating ensures:


– good wear resistance
– excellent corrosion protection
– wide service temperature range
– no stick-slip at low relative speeds
– excellent wear protection on zinc-phosphated surfaces




Klübertop TM 06-111 is used for the lubrication of metal components in


– precision engineering
– electrical engineering
– automotive engineering
– locks and fittings
– textile machines,


where the coating has to meet high requirements in terms of corrosion protection and pressure resistance. With Klübertop TM 06-111, small and mass-produced items can be economically coated, e.g.


– pins, straight pins, pivots
– screws and bolts, nuts
– automotive components (locks, safety belts)
– lock mechanisms


Application notes


Stir well before use. The product has to be filtered after stirring (e.g. using a nylon filter with a pore size of 125-150 μm). Klübertop TM 06-111 can be applied by immersion, spraying or by brush. The surfaces to be coated must be cleaned and degreased and be completely free from oil, grease, water, corrosion and scale. Roughening of the surface by phosphatizing (zinc or manganese) or by sand blasting is recommended to increase adhesion. When applying Klübertop TM 06-111 by spraying, use a spray gun.


Other application conditions


– Feed pressure: 2 bar
– Spraying distance: approx. 20 cm
– Spray nozzle diameter: 0.8 mm


Make sure that only compressed air is used which is free from oil and water. When spraying by hand, it is recommended to apply the product in a zig-zag pattern. When spraying systems are used, an agitator should be installed in the container to prevent the solid particles from settling. When applying the product by immersion, use containers which are resistant to solvents. The recommended film thickness for sliding loads is between 5 and 20 μm. To clean the spray gun and, if necessary, to dilute Klübertop TM 06-111, the diluting and cleaning agent SOLUTIN C 8 can be used. Klübertop TM 06-111 is ready to handle after approx. 30 min at a component temperature of 20 °C and a layer thickness between approx. 5 μm and 20 μm. The curing time is 30 min at a component temperature of 180 °C. The product must be stored at 20 °C.



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