Klüber Klübertop TG 05 N


Klüber Klübertop TG 05 N is a thermosetting bonded coating


Benefits for your application


– Bonded graphite coating for metal components
– Wide service temperature range
– Efficient lubricating capacity in humid environments
– Suitable in context with oil lubrication
– Long service life, good wear resistance
– Good resistance to chemicals and oil
– Low friction coefficient




Klübertop TG 05 N is a thermo-setting, grey-black bonded coating based on graphite and an organic binding agent. It is a fluid, ready-to-use product containing a highly flammable mixture of solvents (former hazard class VbF A II). Once applied and hardened, the coating forms a dry lubricant layer which has a very wide service temperature range and a low friction coefficient, ensures that there is no stick slip at low speeds, has a long service life and is very resistant to wear. In addition, this product has an excellent resistance to oil, and a good resistance to chemicals. It also provides good corrosion protection on phosphated surfaces.




Klübertop TG 05 N reduces friction and wear in metal/metal and metal/plastic sliding components. Owing to its structure, Klübertop TG 05 N is particularly suitable for applications in humid environments. It can also be used in context with oil lubrication, e.g. on pistons and other engine components, and in similar fields of application. As a dry lubricant it is suitable for a wide range of components used in bearings, electrical engineering, precision engineering and in textile machines, where contamination by oil or grease should be avoided. Klübertop TG 05 N has also proven effective, especially in terms of corrosion protection, when exposed to high temperatures, extreme environmental conditions (impact of dust, dirt, etc.), and oscillating movements.


Application notes


Stir or shake well before use. The product has to be filtered after stirring (e.g. using a nylon filter with a pore size of 125-150 μm). Klübertop TG 05 N can be applied by spraying or screen printing, or by means of a brush. Other types of application (e.g. for bulk processes) are indicated on request. The surfaces to be coated must be cleaned / degreased and be completely free from oil, grease, water, corrosion and scale. Roughening of the surface by means of a chemical (e.g. phosphating) or mechanical (e.g. sand blasting) process is recommended to increase adhesion and extend the component’s usable life. Zinc-phosphatizing improves corrosion protection. When applying Klübertop TG 05 N by spraying, use a spray gun.


Other application conditions:


Feed pressure: 2 bar
Spraying distance: approx. 20 cm
Nozzle diameter: 0.8 mm

Ensure that only pressurized air is used which is free from oil and water. In the case of spraying by hand, it is recommended to apply the product in a zig-zag pattern. When spraying systems are used, an agitator should be installed in the container to prevent the solid particles from settling. The recommended film thickness for tribological loads is between 7 and 15 µm. Klübertop TG 05 N is delivered as a ready to use product. Nevertheless, the component or application method may require viscosity adjustment. To this effect, and to clean the spray gun, use the SOLUTIN C 10 diluting and cleaning agent.

Klübertop TG 05 N is dust-dry after approx. 5 min at 80 °C and touch-dry after 12 min at 80 °C. The ideal thermosetting process requires a temperature of 250 °C for 15 min or,alternatively, 210 °C for 60 min. The indicated temperatures are component temperatures.



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