Klüber Klübertherm CH 2-680


Klüber Klübertherm CH 2-680 is a high-viscosity high-temperature chain oil


Benefits for your application


– Very good wear protection under high loads and oven temperatures ≥ 250 °C enables minimum quantity lubrication
– Reduced lubricant consumption possible as the oil has a low oxidation and ageing rate
– Little maintenance of chains required as residues are dissolved by fresh oil




Klübertherm CH 2-680 is a high-viscosity ester oil offering good thermal resistance. The existing oil Klübersynth CH 2-680 was enhanced to reduce residue formation at high temperatures. On  relubrication, the fresh oil dissolves residues so the chains are kept clean and require little maintenance. The oil’s raw materials were carefully selected with a view to better oxidation resistance, leading to slower ageing at high temperatures and hence lubricity retained for longer.




Klübertherm CH 2-680 was developed for the lubrication of conveyor chains in high-temperature applications, typically in coating installations and drying kilns.


Application notes


Klübertherm CH 2-680 may be applied by centralised lubricating systems (subject to ability to pump 680 mm²/s viscosity) or manually. For use in coating plants, a paint compatibility test may have to be performed at the operator’s plant prior to series application. Should Klübertherm CH 2-680 come into contact with elastomers or plastics, exposure tests may have to be conducted. Continuous minimum-quantity lubrication enables long chain life. Klüber Lubrication Service can advise on optimised relubrication intervals and quantities.



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