Klüber Klübertemp YV 93-92


Klüber Klübertemp YV 93-92 is a sliding agent/lubricant for valves, fittings and installations carrying oxygen under medium partial pressure


Benefits for your application


– Reliable operation of installations and components using gaseous oxygen
– due to high oxygen pressure surge resistance (see product data)
– due to good compatibility with most materials used in this branch of industry
– due to a wide service temperature range, in particular for low temperatures
– Versatile sliding agent
– for the industrial handling of oxygen, air, carbon dioxide inert gases and their condensation products
– for maintenance and care of breathing apparatus, e.g. in diving equipment
– Also suitable for installations and components carrying liquid oxygen
– Individual batch BAM certificates




Klübertemp YV 93-92 is a white lubricant with good wetting ability based on perfluorinated polyether and solid lubricants. It offers good oxygen pressure surge resistance and high resistance to a wide range of chemicals. To ensure continuous adherence to this high quality standard, Klübertemp YV 93-92 is manufactured in small series subject to strict hygiene requirements and each batch is inspected by the BAM (German Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Berlin) for resistance to pressure surges of gaseous and liquid oxygen (acc. to Annex of Code of Practice M 034-1 (BGI 617-1) “List of nonmetallic materials compatible with oxygen by BAM”).




Klübertemp YV 93-92 with high resistance to various gases is used as a lubricant for valves, fittings and installations carrying gaseous and/or liquid oxygen for chemical plants and apparatus (conclusion by analogy based on chemical composition). We recommend users conduct their own component tests under conditions as occur in practice. The product’s high pressure-absorption capacity and consistent friction values over a wide temperature range ensure constant actuation forces in valves etc. In the adiabatic BAM gaseous oxygen pressure surge resistance test, which is recognised throughout this branch of industry, no measurable reaction is observed with Klübertemp YV 93-92 up to max. 60 °C and 150 bar. Therefore, we can determine the product’s usability for an O2 content > 21 % by vol. under the operating conditions specified in the product data section of this product information leaflet.


Application notes


All surfaces to be wetted must be thoroughly cleaned prior to product application. The friction / lubrication points of surfaces / components must be clean and bright (i.e. free from oil, grease, dirt particles or perspiration). For optimum lubrication effect, we recommend cleaning the surfaces with clean white spirit and then Klüberalfa XZ 3-1, ensuring residue-free surfaces when dried. For valves and installations carrying oxygen, the application procedure must also be “oxygen clean” in order to attain a “ready for oxygen service” condition. For use at low temperatures, e.g. where components are in direct contact with liquid oxygen, experimental testing and approval by the component manufacturer is required since the design and power ratings, for example in actuator gears, may play a decisive role in this context. For optimised service life, please contact our service engineers.

*Notes on the lower service temperature limit (see product data):

The service temperature is defined on the basis of physical and mechanical-dynamic product characteristics. At very low temperature and pressure, however, where oxygen remains fluid, the product retains its stability as shown in the stated BAM liquid oxygen tests. If the product is intended to be used below the lower service temperature limit, it has to be checked if reliable operation of the component is ensured under these conditions. In cases of doubt, application-specific tests would have to be performed, possibly in the complete component and under conditions similar to practice.



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