Klüber Klübertemp YV 93-302


Klüber Klübertemp YV 93-302 is a sliding agent for valves, fittings and installations carrying oxygen up to medium partial pressure


 Benefits for your application


– High operational reliability for installations and components used with gaseous oxygen due to
– medium oxygen pressure surge resistance (see product data)
– compatibility with most materials used in this industry
– a wide service temperature range
– Each product batch is checked for its reactivity to oxygen




Klübertemp YV 93-302 is a white sliding agent with good wetting ability based on perfluorinated polyether, solid lubricants and PTFE.
It offers medium oxygen pressure surge resistance and high resistance to a wide range of chemicals. To ensure continuous adherence to this high quality standard, Klübertemp YV 93-302 is manufactured in small series subject to strict hygiene requirements and each batch is inspected based on M 034-1 list of nonmetallic materials (213-075).




Klübertemp YV 93-302 is a tried-and-tested sliding agent for all friction points with low to medium requirements and in combination with all materials used in gaseous oxygen installations. The wide service temperature range underlines the universal application possibilities of this sliding agent. We recommend users conduct their tests using the complete component under conditions similar to series application. The product’s high pressure-absorption capacity and consistent friction values over a wide temperature range ensure constant actuation forces. Test results show the product’s usability for an O2 content > 21 % by vol. under the operating conditions specified in the product data section of this product information leaflet.


Possible applications are:


– Oxygen valves
– Peripheral aggregates of chemical installations
– Hose couplings, e.g. oxygen pipe connections, sliding and plain bearings, bolts, slideways, etc.
– Steel and heavy industry
– Assembly aid for most rubber-elastic materials and plastics
– For the industrial handling, maintenance and care of oxygen components

Behaviour towards metals, elastomers and plastics Klübertemp YV 93-302 is normally neutral towards metallic materials, plastics and elastomers within the given temperature range. Nevertheless, we recommend checking the compatibility of the sliding agent with materials in contact prior to its introduction.


Application notes


All surfaces to be wetted must be thoroughly cleaned prior to product application. The friction / lubrication points of surfaces / components must be clean and bright (i.e. free from oil, grease, dirt particles or perspiration). We recommend cleaning the surfaces with clean white spirit and then Klüberalfa XZ 3-1, ensuring residue-free surfaces when dried. For valves and installations carrying oxygen, the application procedure must also be “oxygen clean” in order to attain a “ready for oxygen service” condition.


*Notes on the lower service temperature limit (see product data):

The service temperature is defined on the basis of physical and mechanical-dynamic product characteristics. If the product is intended to be used below the lower service temperature limit, it has to be checked if reliable operation of the component is ensured under these conditions. In cases of doubt, applicationspecific tests would have to be performed.



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