Klüber Klübertemp HM 83-271


Klüber Klübertemp HM 83-271 is a high-temperature long-term lubricating grease for rolling bearings operating under elevated temperatures.


Benefits for your application


– Long maintenance intervals in applications subject to high temperatures
– Soft texture for easy relubrication
– Suitable as lubricant for gas fittings and actuators according to DIN EN 377, category E




Klübertemp HM 83-271 is a high-temperature and long-term lubricating grease based on perfluorinated polyether oil and a PTFE thickener offering good resistance to churning. Special additives offer highly effective wear and corrosion protection as well as extended relubrication intervals. Its very good resistance to aggressive media facilitates its use in components for gas transport and regulation.




Klübertemp HM 83-271 was developed for rolling bearings operating under high temperatures, e.g. in heated calenders, oven bearings, transport chains. As this grease is dynamically light, it is especially suitable for – machine start-up without preheating and – application via automatic or manual lubricant dispensers. Furthermore, the grease’s good churning stability minimises the risk of lubricant flowing from unsealed bearings. Please note, however, that due to the many different configurations of installations, the grease’s pumpability should be checked with the installation manufacturer prior to use. We will be pleased to be of assistance in this respect. Klübertemp HM 83-271 is approved as special grease for gas fittings within a temperature range from 0 °C to 160 °C according to DIN EN 377, category E.
Behaviour towards elastomers and plastics Greases based on fluorinated polyether oils and PTFE are normally neutral to most elastomer and plastic materials (possible exception: perfluorinated rubber). Nevertheless, we recommend testing compatibility with the material to be used, especially prior to series application.


Application notes


For optimum lubrication results, we recommend cleaning the friction point with white spirit and then with Klüberalfa XZ 3-1 prior to first application. The friction point should be bright (i.e. free of oil, grease or perspiration) and free of contaminants. Please consult our technical sales departments to ensure maximum service life.



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