Klüber Klübertemp HB 53-392


Klüber Klübertemp HB 53-392 is a high-temperature and long-term greases for rolling bearings subject to high temperatures in continuous presses


Benefits for your application


– High profitability due to long service life of machines
– Approved and recommended for continuous presses in the wood working industry
– Less maintenance due to longer relubrication intervals




Klübertemp HB 53-391 and Klübertemp HB 53-392 are synthetic long-term greases based on perfluorinated polyether oils. They were especially designed for the lubrication of roller bearings subject to high loads and temperatures in continuous presses. Klübertemp HB 53 greases ensure a good oil supply to the bearing throughout the entire service interval and offer high thermal stability as well as corrosion protection. Problematic interaction with aggressive chemicals like glues have not been reported.




Subsequent to extensive tests carried out on roller test rigs and field tests in continuous presses, the Klübertemp HB 53 greases were approved by the company Siempelkamp, Krefeld/ Germany. For the initial lubrication in the plant Klübertemp HB 53-391 is used. For more detailed information on the application, please refer to the maintenance instructions of the
press manufacturers.


Compatibility with materials


Klübertemp HB 53 greases can be generally regarded as neutral towards elastomers and plastics. However, prior to series applications, the compatibility of the lubricant with the materials used should be checked.


Application notes


Klübertemp HB 53 greases can be applied by means of grease metering systems or automatic small-quantity metering devices as are used for continuous presses. For optimum lubrication results, we recommend cleaning the friction points with white spirit 180/210. For initial lubrication, the friction points must be dry, bright and free of contaminants. To remove lubricants based on polyether oils like Klübertemp HB 53 greases, use Klüberalfa XZ 3-1. Klübertemp HB 53 greases can be mixed with lubricants having the same type of base oil.



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