Klüber Klübertemp GR CR 862


Klüber Klübertemp GR CR 862 is a long-term grease for a wide temperature range


Benefits for your application


– Longer maintenance intervals in high-temperature applications
– For applications exposed to aggressive media
– Anticorrosive effect due to special additives




Klübertemp GR CR 862 is based on a perfluorinated polyether oil (PFPE) with a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) thickener. This raw material combination and the special additives used offer highly effective protection against wear and corrosion as well as long relubrication intervals.




The base oil viscosity of Klübertemp GR CR 862 has been selected for the specific requirements of roller bearings to ensure optimum lubricant supply to the friction point. This is also supported by the high viscosity index, which enables operation over a wide temperature range. Klübertemp GR CR 862 was originally developed for the lubrication of cardboard corrugator roll bearings. It is now successfully used also in numerous other applications where medium viscosity and good thermal resistance are required, e.g. in semiconductor production plants.


Application notes


For optimum lubrication results, we recommend cleaning the friction points with white spirit 180/210 followed by Klüberalfa XZ 3-1. Then blow the surfaces with clean, dry compressed air or hot air to remove solvent residues. For initial lubrication, the friction points must be clean and bright, i.e. free from oil, grease, perspiration and contamination. Klübertemp GR CR 862 is applied directly or by means of brush, spatula or lubricant dispenser. The technical sales departments at Klüber Lubrication may be contacted at any time for advice to ensure optimum service life results.



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