Klüber Klübertec ST 4-702


Klüber Klübertec ST 4-702 is a stamping and forming fluid of residue-free evaporation


Benefits for your application


– Excellent stamping and forming properties
– Residue-free evaporation
– Compatibility with paints without pre-degreasing of metal components
– Micro-dosage
– Low consumption




Klübertec ST 4-702 is a thin-bodied mixture of glycol and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Its synthetic structure provides improved lubricity during the stamping of metal sheets plus a wear reducing effect on machine tooling. As Klübertec ST 4-702 evaporates without forming residues it can be used for stamping and forming processes of parts which are not cleaned prior to e.g. painting.




– Stamping and forming of metal sheets, e.g. for electric motors and components; sheet thickness up to 2.5 mm
– Easy to medium forming processes, especially if there are no additional cleaning steps;
– Stamping and fine blanking of metals, such as
– aluminium and aluminium alloys
– non ferrous metals
– steels
– Drawing, rolling, edging and folding of e.g. drums and drum lids.


Application notes


Klübertec ST 4-702 can be applied by

– Spraying
– Rolling
– Spot application
– Immersion

over the entire width of the sheet or on predetermined parts.



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