Klüber Klübertec H 2-502


Klüber Klübertec H 2-502 is a mineral/fatty oil dispersion, hot extrusion and forging dispersion


Benefits for your application


– Hot extrusion and forging dispersion with a high forming capacity
– Economic application (e.g. 0.7 g per engine valve)
– Easy application
– Long tool life
– Reduction of scrap
– Improvement of process security during hot extrusion




Klübertec H 2-502 is a mineral/fatty oil dispersion containing an additive package and graphite. It is ready for use and, in spite of the solid lubricant contents, very resistant to sedimentation.




Klübertec H 2-502 is especially suitable for the lubrication of dies and mandrels in

– forging and hot extrusion of high alloy and hightemperature steel in accordance with DIN 17 006 and DIN 17 007,
– hot extrusion and hollow pressing of Cu alloys,
– hot extrusion of Al alloys,
– hot extrusion of inlet and exhaust valves in internal combustion engines


Application notes


Klübertec H 2-502 is ready for use and is applied to the die by

– spraying
– brushing
– dripping


Klübertec H 2-502 is very resistant to sedimentation. However, it should be stirred well before use when stored for more than 3 months.



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