Klüber Klübertec CM 6-680


Klüber Klübertec CM 6-680 is a high-performance oil for cold forming


Benefits for your application


– Increasing process stability, e.g. also reduction of the reject rate, due to high load bearing capacity and easy application with conventional dosing systems.
– Meets the requirements of “guidelines of sec. 21 CFR §178.3570 of FDA regulations” (category H1 “lubricants for incidental food contact”) for increased protection of the operator in the workplace.
– Easy component cleaning by water solubility.
– The excellent corrosion protection behavior helps to avoid expensive rework.
– Seals made of materials 72 NBR 902 and 75 FKM 585 and 75 FKM 170055 are resistant to Klübertec CM 6 oils.




The product concept of the Klübertec CM 6 series combines high lubrication performance with easy cleaning and weldability of the formed components as well as excellent corrosion protection and increased protection at the workplace. Economical dosing and water solubility due to the lubrication performance facilitate the cleaning of the formed components in subsequent processes until the wash liquor is exhausted and disposed of after a long service life. The fulfillment of the requirements of “guidelines of sec. 21 CFR §178.3570 of FDA regulations” (category H1 “lubricants for incidental food contact”) ensures increased job protection and, if necessary, an additional plus in the production of packaging for the pharmaceutical or pharmaceutical industry Food industry*. Another plus is the high flash point as well as the good corrosion protection compared to steel or the good copper compatibility. The stable temperature-viscosity behavior provides e.g. for easier start-up of the processes in difficult environmental conditions and thus for a lower reject rate at the start of production.


Application areas


Klübertec CM 6 oils can be used in many areas of forming or separating fine or heavy plates. In particular, here are:


Tension / compression forming such as rolling, deep drawing
– Bending forming, hydroforming
– fineblanking / fine blanking
– of aluminum, aluminum alloys (see application notes), non-ferrous metals, steels or stainless steels.


Application Notes


Klübertec CM 6 oils should be used undiluted. The application can be carried out by conventional metering systems, e.g. Rolling or diving, done. Machining of aluminum and aluminum alloys with Klübertec CM 6 oils should only be carried out once – never several times.



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