Klüber Klübertec CM 6-460


Klüber Klübertec CM 6-460 is a high-performance oils for cold forming


Benefits for your application


– Higher process stability, e.g. lower reject rate, due to high load-carrying capacity and ease of application with normal metering systems.
– Comply with “guidelines of sec. 21 CFR §178.3570 of FDA regulations” (category H1 “lubricants for incidental food contact”) for better workplace safety.
– Easy cleaning as products are water-soluble.
– Excellent anticorrosive behaviour helps to prevent costly post-treatment.
– Seals made of 72 NBR 902 and75 FKM 585 as well as 75 FKM 170055 are resistant to Klübertec CM 6 oils.




Klübertec CM 6 oils are based on a concept combining high lubricity with easy cleaning and weldability of cold-formed parts as well as excellent anticorrosive characteristics and sound workplace safety. Due to the oils’ high lubricity, they can be applied in small quantities so the washing bath lasts longer before it has to be replaced. Cleaning of the cold-formed parts is much easier because Klübertec CM 6 oils are water-soluble. Enhanced workplace safety for the user as the product is compliant with the “guidelines of sec. 21 CFR §178.3570 of FDA regulations” (category H1 “lubricants for incidental food contact”). This may also be an additional benefit when the products are used in the making of packages for pharmaceuticals or food. Further features are the high flash point and the good anticorrosive effect on steel as well as the compatibility with copper. With their stable viscositytemperature behaviour, start-up of the forming processes can be much easier under difficult conditions, reducing start-up scrap.




Klübertec CM 6 oils may be used in many cold-forming applications as well as for blanking and shearing of thin or thick sheet metal.

Examples of applications are:

– Forming under tensile or compressive conditions such as rolling or deep-drawing
– Forming under bending conditions, hydro-forming
– Precision blanking of aluminium or aluminium alloys (see application notes), nonferrous metals, steel or stainless steel.


Application notes


Klübertec CM 6 oils should be used undiluted. They may be applied by means of normal metering methods such as rolling or immersion. Klübertec CM 6 oils should be applied to aluminium and aluminium alloy parts only once – never more often



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