Klüber Klübertec C 1-101


Klüber Klübertec C 1-101 is a high-temperature lubricating oil, low-residue lubricating oil for mould release in metal-forming processes, e.g. continuous casting of aluminium alloys


Benefits for your application


– Low smoke generation due to high thermal stability and hence better visibility
– Low evaporation and consumption due to a high flash point
– Improved surface finish of the castings and reduced residue formation on the mould as the product is free of pigments or solid lubricants




Klübertec C 1-101 is a high-temperature lubricating oil which offers particularly good mould release properties for such a type of low-viscosity product. Its evaporation tendency is low due to a high flash point and, consequently for long cycle times, consumption and smoke generation is much reduced. The quality and purity of Klübertec C 1-101, having no pigments or solid lubricants ensures low residue formation, reducing setup time between cycles, leaving clean surfaces on the manufactured parts and further reducing processing.




Klübertec C 1-101 can be used in many forming processes for aluminium or aluminium alloys and is particularly suitable for the Wagstaff LHC casting technology.


Application notes


Klübertec C 1-101 should be used undiluted using conventional metering methods, for example sponge, brush, roller or spray nozzle, and be spread evenly either manually or automatically. Due to its low viscosity, Klübertec C1-101 is easily pumpable, for example through the fine pores of graphite lining in LHC casting. Klübertec C 1-101 can also be sprayed onto the surfaces with a spray gun (nozzle diameter 0.8 mm, compressed air approx. 2 bar, distance approx 10 – 20 cm).



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