Klüber Klübersynth RA 44-3502


Klüber Klübersynth RA 44-3502 is a fully synthetic special grease for noise reduction and mechanical damping


Your benefits at a glance


– Soft feel effect (haptics)
– Noise reduction
– Good compatibility with plastics
– Low oil separation


Your requirements – our solution


Klübersynth RA 44-702, RA 44-1502, RA 44-3500 and RA 44-3502 are fully synthetic special greases of high viscosity providing haptic and acoustic damping to your components for a better touch-feel. This enables you to provide mechanical damping to slow-moving components and hence reduce noises, e.g. inside cars.




Klübersynth RA 44-702, RA 44-1502, RA 44-3500 and RA 44-3502 are preferably used for plastic/plastic and plastic/metal material pairings. These products enable you to set defined shifting forces and compensate for tolerances. All products of the Klübersynth RA series have a wide service temperature range from –40 °C to 130 °C (Klübersynth RA 44-702 even offers down to –50 °C). When applied to enclosed systems such as car seat backrest fittings, short-term peaks of up to 180 °C can be tolerated, e.g. in drying ovens.


Applications in motor cars:


mechanical switches and rotary controls, ventilation flaps, sun visors, ashtrays, cup holders, storage boxes, window lifter guide rails, armrest and seat adjustment mechanisms (vertical and horizontal), sunroofs, etc.


Further applications:


precision engineering and optical instruments, fasteners, household appliances and white goods, office machinery and computers, pneumatics and O-rings, sports equipment.


Compatibility with elastomers:


Klübersynth RA 44-702, RA 44-3500 and RA 44-3502 were especially developed for the lubrication of plastic parts inside cars. For this reason, comprehensive tests were performed according to DIN EN ISO 22088 (stress cracking). The results show that these greases are neutral to most plastic materials. Owing to the many different plastic compositions, we recommend checking the material’s compatibility with the grease prior to series application.


Application Notes


These products can be applied by means of grease gun, brush or spatula as well as via automatic lubricating systems. Klübersynth RA 44-702 and RA 44-3502 contain a UV indicator for easy quality inspection of minimum quantity lubrication. The UV check can be made with a wavelength of 366 nm.



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