Klüber Klübersynth R 42-111


Klüber Klübersynth R 42-111 is a synthetic lubricating and assembly grease for seals


Benefits for your application


– Low friction torque enabling energy savings
– Longer service life of highly loaded radial shaft seals due to long-term optimised lubrication over a long period of time
– Versatile due to very good compatibility with various types of elastomers
– Longer component life due to reduction of leakage
– Easier seal assembly




Klübersynth R 42-111 is a dynamically light grease with very good adhesion. This unusual combination of characteristics is due to the special mix of base oils, thickener and additives.




Klübersynth R 42-111 was especially developed for the greasing of radial shaft seals. It is also preferred as an assembly aid and to lubricate elastomer seals. Due to its particular composition, the product is exceptionally compatible with many frequently used elastomers such as NBR, ACM and FKM. With its low friction forces, Klübersynth R 42-111 also provides excellent lubrication of radial shaft seals in highly loaded components and gearboxes.


Application notes


The product can be applied by means of brush, spatula or mechanical grease gun. If the grease is to be applied by means
of automatic systems, please consult the equipment manufacturer to check if their system will work with the grease.



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