Klüber Klübersynth P 84-52 G


Klüber Klübersynth P 84-52 G is a Efficiency-increasing speciality lubricant for open slideways in sunroofs


Benefits for your application


– Reduces NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) while offering good washout resistance
– Constant smooth operation over a wide temperature range
– Reduced frictional resistance, even at low temperatures




Klübersynth P 84-52 G is a washout-resistant and dynamically light speciality lubricant based on synthetic hydrocarbon oil and special PTFE. Its good adhesion on metal surfaces makes it suitable for open slideways subject to dusty and wet environments. A particular highlight is its good compatibility with plastics over a wide service temperature range. The lubricant is coloured complementary to common slideway materials (black finished Al, natural anodisation and cathodic electro-immersion painting).




Klübersynth P 84-52 is particularly suitable for friction points with plastic / plastic or plastic / metal combinations. It is recommended for open slideways, e.g. in panorama sunroofs in vehicles. It can also be used for spindle drives and spur and worm gears subject to condensation or the influence of surrounding media. Klübersynth P 84-52 G offers significant friction reduction in bearing or slideway components and good noise damping.


Application notes


The lubricant can be applied by means of spatula, brush, grease gun, automatic dosing devices or central lubrication systems (single-line systems). We recommend conducting a metering test in the original dosing device under practical operating conditions prior to use.



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