Klüber Klübersynth MR 96-31


Klüber Klübersynth MR 96-31 is a special dynamically light lubricant, this special lubricant is compatible with many elastomers and plastics


Benefits for your application


– Versatile product for use with many different elastomers and plastics (e.g. EPDM, PP, HDPE)
– Good compatibility with polymers over a wide service temperature range
– Reduces friction resistance also in critical, non-polar polymer materials
– Noise damping and vibration-reducing




Klübersynth MR 96-31 is a special dynamically light lubricant based on polyglycol and a carefully selected combination of solid substances. It enables smooth motion of many different plastic materials and dampens noise. The product shows a remarkable compatibility with elastomers and plastics over a wide service temperature range.




Klübersynth MR 96-31 is used particularly for the lubrication of friction pairs involving non-polar polymers such as PP or PE, and elastomers such as EPDM. The lubricant is also compatible with POM (homo- and copolymers), PBT or PA 6.6. Klübersynth MR 96-31 is used, for example, in slideways and casings made of non-polar and amorphous polymers with a low degree of crystallisation.

Further application examples are: Vehicle brakes, electric parking brake, small gears.


Application notes


The lubricant can be applied by spatula, brush, grease, automatic metering devices or central lubricating systems. We recommend conducting a metering test in the dosing device under operating conditions prior to use.



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