Klüber Klübersynth LR 44-21


Klüber Klübersynth LR 44-21 is a low-temperature grease for vehicle components


Benefits for your application


– Good noise dampening
– Wide service temperature range – For different applications
– Good material compatibility – Universal uses




Klübersynth LR 44-21 is a beige, homogeneous and dynamically light lubricating grease based on a lithium special soap and a carefully chosen mixture of synthetic hydrocarbons and mineral oil. Application over many years has shown that Klübersynth LR 44-21 is resistant to ageing, highly adhesive and neutral to most plastic materials and car body paints. Klübersynth LR 44-21 can be easily pumped and metered; it offers good corrosion protection and is resistant to water.




Due to its excellent low-temperature characteristics, Klübersynth LR 44-21 is primarily used in motor vehicles, e.g. for sliding guideways in lock, seat adjustment or window lifter systems as well as in small gears, rolling and plain bearings. Its neutral behavior towards car body paints was established in accordance with VW-TL 745, section 4.4. Klübersynth LR 44-21 is applied where steel or aluminum move against POM or PA. The components are protected against wear throughout their service life. The good adhesion of Klübersynth LR 44-21 is important in vertical adjustment.


Application notes


Klübersynth LR 44-21 can be manually applied by brush, or by means of central lubrication or grease spray systems. It contains a UV indicator.



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