Klüber Klübersynth LE 44-31


Klüber Klübersynth LE 44-31 is a Lubricating grease for worm gears with optimised friction coefficient


Benefits for your application


– Low friction coefficient and optimum efficiency provide energy savings
– Permits tight gearing because of good wear protection and a low friction coefficient
– Reduced trialling requirements thanks to positive results in component testing with many of our customers




Klübersynth LE 44-31 shows particularly low friction coefficients at high percentages of sliding friction for steel/plastic combinations. Tests were conducted with all combinations of known grease components with the aim of determining the one with the lowest friction coefficient, which is now available as Klübersynth LE 44-31.




For very low friction coefficients in steel/plastic worm gears, aimed particularly toward the requirements of Electric Power Steering Systems (EPS). Particularly suitable for plastic/plastic and plastic/steel friction points with high percentages of sliding friction. Also tested with good results for high surface pressure above 150N/mm2 in steel/polyamide combinations.


Application notes


Klübersynth LE 44-31 can be applied by brush, spatula, grease gun, grease metering gun, automatic metering devices, grease
cartridge, customary metering devices or central lubricating systems (single-line). We recommend to test the metering under conditions of practice with the original equipment prior to use.



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