Klüber Klübersynth JIP 84-402


Klüber Klübersynth JIP 84-402 is a special lubricating grease avoiding stick-slip for low frictional torques in ball joints


Benefits for your application


– Energy savings achieved through particularly low friction coefficient
– Reduction of stick-slip and breakaway noise
– For heavily loaded plastic/steel combinations
– Particularly good corrosion protection
– Cost-effective alternative to PFPE greases with similar friction coefficient




Klübersynth JIP 84-402 shows particularly low friction coefficients under high percentages of sliding friction for the material combination steel/plastic. The main aim of product development was to achieve particularly low friction values in heavily loaded ball joints of the material combination steel/ PEEK. Breakaway torque was completely eliminated in a component test.



For very heavily loaded steel/plastic combinations (like steel/ PEEK) to achieve very low friction coefficients under sliding
friction and for ball joints of the material combination steel/ plastic. Developed to meet the special requirements of wheel-, supporting- and guiding joints.


Application notes


Klübersynth JIP 84-402 can be applied by brush, spatula, grease gun, grease metering gun, automatic metering units, grease cartridge, conventional metering systems and central lubrication systems (single-line systems). We recommend to test metering under practical conditions with the original equipment prior to use.



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