Klüber Klübersynth HLR 46-371


Klüber Klübersynth HLR 46-371 is a lubricating and assembly grease for elastomer/metal sliding material combinations (sensitive to mineral oil)


Benefits for your application


– Lubricating and assembly paste
– Service temperature range – 40 / 150 °C
– For elastomer/metal sliding material combinations




Klübersynth HLR 46-371 is an adhesive, pliant and hightemperature resistant special lubricating grease. Due to the product composition (base oil: polyalkylene glycol oil; thickener: special lithium soap) it is possible to use it in context with many elastomers which are sensitive to mineral oil (particularly EPDM) and plastics.


Outstanding performance data:


– very wide service temperature range
– good corrosion protection
– good water resistance
– excellent oxidation stability




Elastomer/metal or plastic/metal sliding material combinations, eg in car components


– brake boosters
– drum brakes
– disc brakes
– main brake cylinders
– small gears (metal/plastic)
– rolling bearings with EPDM sealing disks
– radial shaft seals with EPDM elastomer


Application notes


Compatibility with elastomers and plastics: The following elastomers were tested 168 h for compatibility with Klübersynth HLR 46-371 at 100 and 150°C. We recommend checking the compatibility of the lubricating grease and the contacting material, especially prior to series applications (our test results were obtained with samples and are not a substitute for your own testing).



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