Klüber Klübersynth HIP 84-401


Klüber Klübersynth HIP 84-401 is a high-temperature grease for friction pairings subject to high loads


Benefits for your application


– Thermally stable; peaks to 180 °C
– longer service life
– Lower frictional resistance
– lower operating temperature
– Noise dampening
– less vibration
– noise prevention




Klübersynth HIP 84-401 is a white, dynamically medium-heavy lubricating grease based on synthetic hydrocarbon oil. It shows good compatibility with plastics even at high temperatures.




For friction pairings operating under high loads, in particular plastic/plastic, plastic/metal or metal/metal, e.g. joints. Dampening in car interior, gear shifting gate, control knobs, guide rails, small gears. For c.v. joints in longitudinal and axle shafts. Compensation of tolerances. The application of Klübersynth HIP 84-401 allows a pleasant and high-quality switching feel.


Compatibility with plastics:


Compatibility tests showed a neutral behaviour towards most plastic materials. Owing to the many different types of plastic, their compatibility and interaction with the lubricant in contact should be checked prior to series application.


Application notes


Klübersynth HIP 84-401 can be applied by brush, spatula, grease gun, metering gun, automatic metering devices, grease cartridge, common metering systems.



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