Klüber Klübersynth HB 74-401


Klüber Klübersynth HB 74-401 is a synthetic long-life high-temperature grease


Benefits for your application


– Extended component life due to good antiwear effect and corrosion protection
– Cost reduction due to longer relubrication intervals even at elevated temperatures through synthetic grease technology
– Wider service temperature range allows lubricant stock rationalisation




Klübersynth HB 74-401 is a lubricating grease containing a high-quality synthetic base oil and a polyurea thickener. This combination enables long-term lubrication over a wide temperature range. The high base oil viscosity and special additives help to attain good wear protection under high loads.




Klübersynth HB 74-401 is preferably used in rolling and plain bearings exposed to high temperature, e.g. in the steel or cement industries. Applications include:


– drive rollers in continuous casting installations
– conveyor roller bearings in continuous furnaces
– roller bearings in vertical mills
– pinion support bearings


Application notes


Klübersynth HB 74-401 can be applied by means of spatula, brush, grease gun or centralised lubricating systems. Ideally, all lubrication points should be cleaned and old grease be removed prior to the application of Klübersynth HB 74-401. If the friction points cannot be cleaned for technical reasons, we recommend replacing the existing grease by more frequent relubrication in the initial phase after changeover.



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