Klüber Klübersynth HB 72-102


Klüber Klübersynth HB 72-102 is a synthetic rolling bearing grease with exceptional corrosion protection


Benefits for your application


– Tried-and-tested grease concept based on polyurea and ester oil
– High-temperature grease for the lifetime lubrication of bearings in the automotive industry
– Reduced maintenance costs due to high reliability
– Proven effective for many years in clutch release bearings, therefore minimized risk in this application




Klübersynth HB 72-102 is a synthetic lubricating grease covering the very wide temperature range needed, for example, in the automotive industry. The product constituents – ester oil, polyurea thickener and selected additives – ensure a consistently low oil release level at the different temperatures over a long time. Good resistance to hot and cold water and efficient corrosion protection contribute to a reliable operation of the bearing. Tests with some sealing materials like FPM, ACM and NBR confirm good compatibility with elastomers.




Klübersynth HB 72-102 has been especially designed and approved for the lifetime lubrication of clutch release bearings in
the automotive industry. The grease also meets additional requirements in terms of increased corrosion protection. Owing to its performance, Klübersynth HB 72-102 can also be used for other applications, e.g. ball bearings in belt tensioning rollers, electric motors etc.


Application notes


The lubricant is applied by means of a spatula, brush, grease gun or grease cartridge. Please run your own tests if you would
like to use automatic lubrication systems or contact us for more information.



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