Klüber Klübersynth H2 C 2-260


Klüber Klübersynth H2 C 2-260 is a special high-temperature oil developed for chains, spiral ovens


Benefits for your application


– Reduced energy con-sumption and wear
– Low evaporation loss, thus reduced oil consumption, fume formation, and contamination
– Good adhesion and spreading properties, therefore better penetration and coating within the lubricating points
– Good load carrying capabilities
– Increased chain life, thus reduced capital expenditure
– Reduced residues without lacquer-like build-ups
– Easier chain cleaning, thus less downtime for routine maintenance




Klübersynth H2 C 2-260 is a special high-temperature oil developed for chains exposed to very elevated temperatures. The special additive combination contained in Klübersynth H2 C 2-260 allows a controlled wear protection and provides a stable lubricating film.




Klübersynth H2 C 2-260 is intended for use on chains exposed to high temperatures in spiral ovens used in bread/bun baking as well as meat/poultry cooking. These chains are exposed to sliding and rolling friction typically prevailing in traditional roller and skate chains and their guide rails. Klübersynth H2 C 2-260 is used for a sustained temperature of 250 °C while still providing a sufficient lubricating film for the rollers, balls, pins and rails.


Application notes


According to experience gained on test rigs and from practice, Klübersynth H2 C 2-260 does not form any lacquer-like residues when correctly applied. Chains and rails should always be coated with a thin film of oil. In the case of irregularly lubricated points subject to excessive heat, powdery residues may form. When fresh oil is applied at the recommended intervals, the residue will regenerate, thus ensuring a return to normal lubrication.



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