Klüber Klübersynth CZ 2-85


Klüber Klübersynth CZ 2-85 is a special oil for chain pin lubrication and chain cleaning in film stretchers


Your benefits at a glance


– Easy application due to miscibility with many chain lubricants
– Less maintenance requirement due to cleaning effect during operation
– Higher productivity due to reduced downtime
– Less frequent servicing due to optimum lubricant backflow throughout the chain system
– Significantly lower energy consumption due to optimum lubrication conditions


Your requirements – our solution


Operators and OEMs of film stretchers have to meet constantly growing requirements: failure-free operation, reduced downtime and increasing energy savings. This cannot be fully attained with conventional high-temperature chain oils. Until recently, a special cleaning or flushing oil had to be used, which made production stoppage necessary. Cleaning while the machine remains in operation is a considerable improvement. This is possible if a special chain oil is used which combines a cleaning with a lubricating effect.

Klübersynth CZ 2-85 is an efficient cleaning oil for your film stretching machinery. Our profound expertise in the development of high-temperature chain oils is based on 40 years of experience gained in collaboration with international OEMs and film stretcher operators.
Klübersynth CZ 2-85 offers you a matching solution for the continuous operation of film stretchers with sliding guide chains. This special low-viscosity, thermally stable cleaning and lubricating oil based on ester oil with additional lubricating and cleaning substances was developed in our research and test lab in cooperation with our customers. The composition of Klübersynth CZ 2-85 allows it to dissolve used oil which has become pasty during operation and flush dirt and wear particles from points of friction. This reduces wear and
extends the required service intervals. The cleaning effect of Klübersynth CZ 2-85 also reopens narrowed clearances, resulting in optimised lubrication of friction points and a reduction in energy consumption.




Klübersynth CZ 2-85 is a fully synthetic high-temperature oil that was especially developed for lubricating and cleaning conveyor chain sliding systems and pins in biaxial high-speed film stretchers.

One of our customers was able to achieve energy savings of 33 % by using Klübersynth CZ 2-85, which led to a drop in energy costs amounting to approximately EUR 18,000 (0.09 EUR/KW). Reduced downtime, reflected by an increase in productivity, can also be expected.


Application notes


Undiluted Klübersynth CZ 2-85 can be used for long-term chain pin lubrication. To ensure the chain system is kept continuously clean, Klübersynth CZ 2-85 should be used regularly. For lubrication, the oil can then be mixed with PRIMIUM SUPER, PRIMIUM SUPER M93 or Klübersynth CH 2-280 at ratio of 3:1, depending on the chain speed. Klübersynth CZ 2-85 is not miscible with PRIMIUM FLUID  SPECIAL. It is not necessary to use a special cleaning or flushing oil for an oil changeover. We recommend, however, cleaning the chain system and all machine parts in contact with the oil before filling with the new lubricant so that it can release its full benefits. For this purpose, we also recommend using Klübersynth CZ 2-85. This cleaning and lubricating oil can also be used in combination with chain oils from other manufacturers. Please contact us to determine if the products are miscible.



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