Klüber Klübersynth CH 2-680


Klüber Klübersynth CH 2-680 is a highly viscous, thermally stable ester oil, high-temperature chain oil for continuous wood panel presses


Benefits for your application


– Reduced energy consumption and improved efficiency due to advanced additives, especially at very high temperatures; highly viscous
– No lacquer-like residues formed under continuous total loss lubrication conditions
– Reduced oil consumption and fume formation due to low evaporation losses at high temperatures
– Good adhesion and spreading properties, minimised contamination risk and reliable lubricant supply to all friction points




Klübersynth CH 2-680 is a highly viscous, thermally stable ester oil for continuous wood presses of the latest generation operating under very high temperatures and high press speeds. Klübersynth CH 2-680 is an advanced product based on the oils of the HOTEMP series and shows a lower evaporation loss at temperatures > 200°C and a higher wear protection.




Klübersynth CH 2-680 is used in continuous belt presses for the manufacture of fibreboards like particle, MDF, HDF, OSB and LVL products. The most complex lubrication points on the moving parts in the heating and compression area are:

– steel belts, chain carpets, heating plates
– roller bar chains


Friction points, i.e. steel belt and roller bar carpets are fully exposed to the heating/compression temperature.


Application notes


According to the experience we gained on our test rigs and in practice, Klübersynth CH 2-680 does not form any lacquer-like residues when properly applied, i.e. if belts, roller bars, chains and slide rails are always covered with an oil film. However, extremely high temperatures in combination with insufficient lubrication may lead to the formation of powdery residues. When applying fresh oil in time, such residues will be regenerated and ensure proper lubricant supply to the friction points.



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