Klüber Klübersynth CH 2-280


Klüber Klübersynth CH 2-280 is a special high-temperature oil for sliding chain systems in film stretchers made by Brückner Maschinenbau


Your benefits at a glance


– Especially developed for medium to high chain speeds and high stretching temperatures
– High oxidation stability leading to low oil consumption
– Easy machine maintenance due to low residue formation
– Long chain life due to low wear rate
– Cost-efficient product due to good price-performance ratio


Your requirements – our solution


Most film stretchers are operated over three shifts without stoppage. Any downtime required for maintenance or due to malfunction comes at the expense of plant productivity; the chain oil used has a major influence on these factors. Varnish build-up can prevent penetration of sufficient lubricant to the friction points of the chain pins and the guide rail. This leads to higher friction, requiring more lubricant. This will in turn lead to further contamination making premature cleaning of the whole machine (transverse direction orienter) necessary – a costly and time-consuming procedure. Our aim is therefore to extend your maintenance intervals and reduce the cost of maintenance operations. Our profound expertise in the development of high-temperature chain oils is based on 40 years of experience gained in collaboration with leading OEMs and film stretcher operators. Klüber Lubrication cooperated with Brückner Maschinenbau to develop Klübersynth CH 2-280 for the specific requirements of their sliding chain systems in biaxial film stretchers. Consequently, this lubricant is a vital factor for the profitable operation of these machines. The special combination of ester oils and additives produces only a minimum of residues and shows high thermal resistance. This means the used chain oil can flow off better, keeping the chain system clean. Cleaning intervals can be extended and operating costs are reduced. Another effect of the special additives is lower wear at the friction points and hence longer chain life. With its good price-performance ratio, Klübersynth CH 2-280 offers film stretcher operators high machine availability at low cost. This makes it the most economical product in ou  successful series of chain oils.




Klübersynth CH 2-280 is a fully synthetic high-temperature oil that was especially developed for the requirements of conveyor chain sliding systems and pins in biaxial high-speed film stretchers. Oven temperatures may be higher than 200 °C in these applications. The machine may run at speeds up to 450 m/min.


Application notes


Klübersynth CH 2-280 is miscible with all Klüber Lubrication chain oils offered for biaxial film stretchers, except PRIMIUM FLUID SPECIAL. It is therefore not necessary to use a special cleaning or flushing oil for an oil changeover. We recommend, however, cleaning the chain system and all machine parts in contact with the oil before filling with the new lubricant so that it can release its full benefits. For this purpose, we recommend using our chain cleaning and lubricating oil Klübersynth CZ 2-85. When changing over from chain oils made by other manufacturers, please ask for advice. Incipient residue formation can be impeded, or existing, but not yet varnished, residues reduced by adding the chain cleaning and lubricating oil Klübersynth CZ 2-85 to the Klübersynth CH 2-280 fill. Please contact us so that we can advise you on this matter.



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