Klüber Klübersynth CH 2-100 N


Klüber Klübersynth CH 2-100 N is a high-temperature chain oil


Your benefits at a glance


– Synthetic ester oil for low continuous relubrication quantities at high temperatures up to 250 °C
– Good wear protection results in extended chain life even at temperatures above 200 °C
– Clean chains and easy relubrication due to low residue formation
– No mechanical cleaning of chains required
– Low energy consumption due to low chain friction and good lubricant film formation
– Paint-compatible raw materials to avoid paint defects and reworking


Your requirements – our solution


All chain users aim at minimising lubricant consumption volumes to enhance their profitability. At the same time, they expect good wear protection and low residue formation to keep maintenance costs low. Our synthetic ester oils clearly meet these requirements. With our Klübersynth CH 2 series, we have found the right solution for you.




The Klübersynth CH 2 series oils were developed for the lubrication of drive, control and conveyor chains operating at high temperatures. Applications of this kind are found, for example, in the surface treatment and coating of industrial goods.


Other possible applications are:


– Conveyors used by automotive suppliers, metalworking companies, furniture and white goods makers
– Driers, e.g. for gypsum boards


Application notes


  • Klübersynth CH 2 oils can be applied by means of drip lubrication, automatic lubricating systems, oil can or brush.
  • When using an automatic system, observe the manufacturer’s instructions on the maximum allow-able viscosity which can be used.
  • In view of the many different paint systems and testing criteria, paint compatibility tests should be performed by the user prior to series application.
  • In case of contact with elastomers and plastics their resistance to oils of the Klübersynth CH 2 series should be checked. Please contact us for support in optimising relubrication intervals and quantities.


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