Klüber Klübersynth BZ 44-4000


Klüber Klübersynth BZ 44-4000 is a anticorrosion fluid with lubricating effect for rolling bearings


Benefits for your application


– Less maintenance during operation due to the prevention of premature component failure enabled by very good anticorrosion and antiwear effect
– Improved component performance due to the very good protection against False Brinelling, especially in rolling bearings performing oscillating and/or rotating movements




Klübersynth BZ 44-4000 is a novel anticorrosion fluid based on a synthetic hydrocarbon oil with added lithium soap. Klübersynth BZ 44-4000 was developed as a supplementary product optimising the effect of greases in rolling bearings performing frequent oscillating and/or rotating movements. The innovative formulation of this product offers a unique double benefit: As a preservation fluid, Klübersynth BZ 44-4000 protects steel bearings against corrosion during storage. Furthermore, the additives it contains enhance the performance of the greases applied when the bearing is in use. Internal tests showed that in rolling bearings to which Klübersynth BZ 44-4000 had been applied grease lives were attained that were three times longer than those reached in untreated components. Fretting wear tests confirmed the product’s preventive effect against False Brinelling damage.




Klübersynth BZ 44-4000 is easy to apply and may be used as an alternative to conventional anticorrosion oil and as a primer for subsequent greasing. Typical applications include the longterm and for-life lubrication of rolling bearings e.g. in wind turbines, electric motors, fans, automotive components or pumps.


Application notes


Klübersynth BZ 44-4000 can be applied by immersion, spraying or brush. Shake or stir product before use. Parts can be cleaned using a commercial cleansing agent. Due to its composition, Klübersynth BZ 44-4000 can be combined with the commonly used grease types. We recommend checking the miscibility of the grease in contact with the anticorrosion fluid, especially prior to series application.



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